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Maintenance and repair

If you buy our product, the service inclulding installation, commissioning and training on site is free. And the repair is free too for one year. We are also responsible for the lifelong maintenance of your machine.

Technological upgrade

If some parts of the balancing machine (such as electrical measurement part) have been unable to repair, or the failure rate is high after using for many years, or the original function can not meet your requirements, then your balancing machine needs to be upgraded.

Technical training

If you want to learn the usage of balancing machine, or practice balancing skills, or master the repair of balance machine, or want to understand some knowledge of the dynamic balancing, you can come to our company for a technical training, or we also can provide on-site training services.

Technical consultation

For some simple problems such as balancing method or balancing knowledge, we provide free technical consultation service, which can be carried out by phone, fax, mail, Internet, email and so on.

Parts balancing

If you have a few parts to balance, we provide the spare parts balancing service.

New product development

We have experienced research team. If you have special request, we can develop new type of balancing machine for you.